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Published Feb 21, 21
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The Best Moving Companies Don't Do These Things

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There are many other factors that go into the final price of a removalist service, as well. The amount of items you have and how far they’ll be going are the most obvious (some companies will require you to pay toll fees when driving interstate). But you’ll also need to factor in the fragility of certain items, the difficulty the removalists may have during the move (elevators, stairwells, etc), and any extra services like cleaning.

In this section, we’re going to go into depth about some of the most reputable removalists available. We’ll start with the ones that offer interstate or even international shipping services and then offer some local options. So, what are the requirements that the removalists on this list had to meet? Well, we were looking for credentials, insurance, included services, great reviews and transparency.

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And it’s always good to know what you’re going to get. Let’s get into it!This is one of the best known removalist companies in the country. Not only have they been around for generations, but they’re also the largest network of moving services in the world. They offer everything from local moves to international ones, and they have 40 branches in Australia, alone.

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They’ll help you with packing, storage, pet transportation and more. They’ll even help you clean your old home, organize your new closet, and arrange for a handyman to help with the interior decorating. Here’s a full list of their services:Insurance optionsPacking and valet unpackingStorageVehicle transportPet transportCleaning servicesHelp you take any unwanted items to charityAlright, so what do the customers say? Well, Allied Pickfords in Australia has an overall rating of 3.

Many of the reviews are from repeat customers who rely on Allied Pickfords for all of their moves because of their quality work. It’s pretty impressive that these guys could maintain great service and make their customers feel relaxed even on long, difficult moves. Of the negative reviews, most complaints had to do with damages and some not-so-helpful staff members.

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All 400+ reviews have a response from the company, which is a great sign that they’re willing to hear feedback and work through any issues. Grace Removals is well-known throughout Australia. They’ve been around for over 100 years and offer services to every state. They do everything from commercial moves, to fine art transport, to storage, to home removals.

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They’ll be there through any hurdles whether you’re dealing with an international move or just moving down the block. The reviews for Grace Removals are quite high, given just how large their operation is. They enjoy a 4. 0 rating on Google and a 4. 2 onProduct Review. Positive reviews point to the company’s commitment to careful planning and open communication.

International moves tend to be much more complicated than local or interstate ones. This is another huge company that has been around for a long time - over 70 years! They have completed over 1 million moves since they started out in 1946 and have won the Australian Business Award for 5 years in a row.

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Here’s a full list of their services:Local moveInterstate moveInternational moveCorporate moveIn-home visitComprehensive insurance optionsCustom designed moving boxes and packing materialsStorage optionsPacking servicesValet unpackingPet transportation and boardingCar relocationKent Removals & Storage has high ratings onProduct Review, which is significant given that they have one of the highest amounts of reviews on this list.

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5 stars, with most customers very happy with their service. Many of the negative reviews had to do with delays in transit. The good thing is, it seems like the company’s customer service team is happy to make things right as quickly as they can. Interstate Removals is what’s called a backloading service which is ideal for interstate delivery of furniture and other large items.

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That way, you only have to pay for the part of the space that your items take up. It’s a great way for the trucking companies to maximize their space and it’s better for the environment because it means one less vehicle on the road. Some people feel uncomfortable about their furniture sharing space with other goods, but this is an entirely safe option.

One of the really appealing things about Interstate Removals is their price point. With their guaranteed best price offer, you can be 100% sure that they will give you the lowest price available. And because they boast of the largest network of interstate removalists, you’ll never have to worry about whether you’ll be able to find a truck to haul your items.

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So, while you can schedule someone to come help you with packing and removing of furniture pretty much any day of the week, it’s possible that your items won’t be moved until there’s a scheduled pickup. In general, Interstate Removals has great reviews. In fact, their overall rating is a 4.

Of the negative reviews, it seemed that some of the challenges of this company have to do with scheduling and communication. Then again, there are plenty of happy customers who said they had no trouble with communication and that their items were picked up and delivered on time. This company has been around since 1993 and has expanded from just one truck to more than 60 trucks today.

One great thing that you’ll notice right away about Two Men and a Truck is their dedication to transparency. They are proud to state their credentials, their awards, and the insurance coverage options they offer. That’s great news for their customers. Two Men and A Truck operate mainly in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Canberra, but they do interstate moves as well.

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OnWord of Mouth, Two Men and A Truck have a rating of 4. 9 stars. OnFacebook, they boast of 4. 3 stars. And onProduct Review, they have 4. 2 stars. Customers were happy with their good communication and punctuality. Any complaints had to do with customers feeling that the service was a bit slow.